Born Pretty Store Review — Just Don’t

This will be short and sweet. Direct and to the point.

Don’t shop on this store. It’s so appealing I know. I gave them their fair share. However.
I shopped at this store twice. The first time I was missing one item. I let it go because it was a ring worth buck and I wasn’t to hurt over it. I ordered from them a second time. 4 out of the 9 items I paid for never came in the package.

I emailed them, was told to email a different person. Told to send pictures of my package. Never got a reply. Emailed again. Never got a reply. Went to there FB page. My comment got deleted.

I looked over the comments and other people were having the same problems as myself. Also stating that they were being ignored or their comments have been deleted.

This store has been around since 2005. So excuse my language when I say they should have their shit together. They have contests often and they give away a lot of free things on YouTube to small starting channels. Trying to expand their company. However it will all be a waste because I tell people not to shop here as often as possible and if they were to come to me and ask me to review for them I would say no.

Their business practice over all seems poorly done and it would be a waste of your money to shop there just for the Russian roulette of losing your money.


3 responses to “Born Pretty Store Review — Just Don’t

    • I love online shopping. I don’t wish for anyone to get ripped off. I find there isn’t very many honest reviews for this site and many others. So I plan on posting my honest opinions on my shopping experiences from now on.

      • I agree and thank you for speaking up.I’ve been scammed by websites before too. It’s important that people say something when a company isn’t straight forward so that others don’t get stiffed. Very commendable ;D

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