Winter is Destroying My Skin

Winter. I thought I was doing so well. Until our first big snow storm early last month. The temperature dropped quickly and the air dried out. From that point on my skin has been ultra crap.

I have psoriasis and generally dry skin. My face was actually doing really well before hand. The products I was using all fall made my skin the best it had been in a long time.

Now I’m in a race to find new products. Some things I’m sticking with. Like my VICHY face cream.

I got a new facial cleanser, Cetaphil Cleanser. Which I have heard nothing but good things about. I been using a new toner. I also started using The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist.

I really want to try the Clarisonic or even the Mia. I wonder if it’s worth the money. I want to convince myself it’s worth almost $200-$300 but I don’t know if I can.


Is anyone else having a hard time with there skin? What kind of products do you use?

Happy New Year everyone. Alice.


4 responses to “Winter is Destroying My Skin

  1. I am! Its been really dry so I use a heavier cream and then it gets oily which is making me break out. I also use cetaphil with the clarasonic and I love it. I noticed a change in my skin right after the first use. I haven’t been keeping up with it though :\ so my skin doesn’t look so great right now

    • Yes! The second I use a heavier cream I have been breaking out like mad. Which isn’t like me.
      I think I’m just not meant to look good in the Winter. Bring on Spring.

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