Emotional Rollercoster

Sigh. The past lil’ bit has been so frustrating or me. Even since the beginning of the year I have been trying to control my issues.

I had a few slips and bumps but it never got really bad at any point.

These past two weeks have been awful. So much stress and sickness.  I came to realize I was being such an angry person as of late. Putting it out on people at work and home.

I have been holding in so much bitterness that it had changed me. Changed me to a, for lack of a better word… bitch.

Looking back I was so rude and moody. I did have my reasons but I let my feelings control me.

Then they all came out in one big cry fit, which did make me feel better…

Then the other day I had the worst panic attack I have had in a long time. It was horrible. I had forgotten how close to death they felt like. I associated that feeling with my old life and it something I don’t want to feel again.

Since I have the next two days off. I plan on doing a lot of cleaning. Cleaning was always like therapy for me. It is one of the few things I do that when someone says I do it wrong or it not the way they like it. I can tell them to buzz off. I know what I’m doing. Which just seems so random to me.

I will also be updating the blogs. I have so much to blog about and I’ve been holding off til I felt better.

Have a beautiful morning. Alice

Does your anxiety shut you down? What things do you do to feel better?


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