Canada Day Weekend

So I went home for my weekend. It was nice. Sadly it was cut short due to issues out of my control. However you can’t do much about that can you.

Living in St. John’s, Not a large town to start with. It’s always odd going home and seeing how small it is. Even my boyfriend whos home town is next to mine has a population of about 2500. while my tiny town is a lil over 330. Not much to do, no local store and an average age of 50. In the end I love going back, the sea air and trees everywhere, the only real reason I miss childhood.

You can’t help but love it. Sadly it was too late in the season to get pictures of icebergs and whales. Maybe next time. Still nice though 😉

It was fun, I got to see lots of family. See some old pictures (my mom is tracking our family tree and is back to the late 1800’s so far). We drank and ate and talked and did all that fun stuff. It made my homesick, which I haven’t been in years. It was a lil’ heartbreaking. Before I would always make an excuse or reason why it was better to live in the city. Oddly I couldn’t think of a single one this past weekend.

Have a beautiful day. Alice

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.

Also Happy Independence day tomorrow to our southern brothers.


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