30 Day Makeup Challenge: Day 1 – Part One *IMG HEAVY*

Day 1: A total inventory of all the makeup and makeup tools you own

I will list everything to the best of my ability. The images started braking while making this post so I will cut it in parts.

Part Two | Part Three

Paris Collection – Egg Plant

NYC – Black and Brown

Markwins International – Black and Brown

Maybelline Master Precise – Black

Milani Liquif’eye Metallic Eye Liner – Aqua, Silver, Black, Gold

MYC Flatliner Eye Liner Pencil – Flat Iron and Great Lawn

Milani Liquif’ eye Auto Pencil – Blue, Purple and Green

NYC Duo Eye Liner – Black and Gold

Annabelle Kohl – Fiesta

Milani Black Magic – Blackened Gold/Gold and Blackened Sterling/Sterling magic

Mark Winkstick – Moody

Indulge Be Bold Eye Crayon – Identity and Psyche set

LA Colors Lip Liner – Forever Red and Black

Markwins Internaional – “untitled”

Maybelline Lip Liner – 05 Rose

Annabelle Glitterama – Violet Venus and Solar Flare

Ardene – “Untitled”

GOSH Exteme Art Eye Liner – #21 and #02

The Color Workshop Eye Liner – “Untitled”

NYC Liquid Eye Liner – Brown

Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner – Endless

ICING Eye Shadow Pallete – “Untitled”

LA Colors Glittering Starlet – Claudette, Bette, Elizabeth, Jean, Ingrid and Ginger

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eye Shadow – Tease, Serenade, Mesmerize, Unforgettable, Fabulous and Soiree

Maybelline Eyestudio – Purple Icon, Green with Envy and Sapphire Siren

Markwins International – “Untitled”

Not Pictured**

LA Girl – Prism and Vivacious

Milani Runway Eyes – Fashionsta Pink

Maybelline Stylish Smokes – Charcoal Smokes


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