Tomorrow is THE day!

I can not wait! It will be short and sweet but it will be worth it. After my shift tomorrow I am off for a week! Relax, go home for a few days and spend time with the family.

I will spend tomorrow evening and Saturday just cleaning my apartment so I don’t have to do anything for the whole week. I honestly don’t even care if tomorrows work day is completely awful! Once I clock out, it will be the sweetest day of the year.

The man and I have even made a list of the things we would like to do and get done while we have our time off. I feel getting as much of the list done is an item itself.

Also I just finished taking picture for the first day of the 30 day makeup challenge. Which is “Day 1: A total inventory of all the makeup and makeup tools you own”. All I got to do is upload the photos tomorrow and write the post. After that all the other days are a breeze. It was kinda nice to do. It gave me an excuse to go though everything and organize it fully.

Time to head off to bed.

Have a beautiful night. Alice. ;D


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