YouTube Spotlight! #1

Starting today I will be making a regular blog post called YouTube Spotlight. Highlighting some of my favorite YouTube accounts and gurus.

I enjoy YouTube very much! Besides the hours of cat videos, children laughing and “the wrong side of YouTube’. There are lots of great user created content.

For my first Spotlight I present one of my favorite Beauty/Make-up Gurus.


349,486 Subscribers; 350+ Videos

His charming and sweet with a very pleasant personality. Most importantly he knows what he’s talking about. He is very knowledgeable and I have learned things from his channel that I have not learned from any other!

He explains techniques perfectly and always tells you WHY the technique works. He does videos for young and old, fair and dark.

He also posts videos talking about beauty issues in media and celebrity make-up tutorials. As well as posting contests from time to time. His channel literally has something for everyone.

When people ask me for channel suggestions. I always suggest this channel, every time! If you haven’t seen this channel I highly recommend you give it some of your time. I won’t be surprised if you hit the subscribe button. 😉


Here are links to different social media for gossmakeupartist





Have a Beautiful Day. Alice. 🙂


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