Feelings of Failure and a Little Resentment

My weight loss is not going the way I was hoping. I have been exercising everyday. I’m eating more fruits and veg and completely cut energy drinks (which I had several a day). I didn’t drink soda anyway so that wasn’t an issue. I eat more fish and chicken, hardly any red meat what so ever.

It is slightly disappointing when I try so hard and don’t get any real results. Even more so when I know what I am doing does work. My boyfriend changed his lifestyle with me. He eats whatever I make, his exercising and his lost ton of weight. Since last year his lost at least 40lbs.

I am happy for him. He looks great and much happier with himself. However I can’t help but feel bitter that I’m not getting the results I want, even half the results.

I will keep trying. I’m not going to stop. However I’m not sure what else I can do. I even count calories and I walk to and from work most days. 45 minutes both ways. I keep thinking about joining the local near by YMCA for the gym equipment. However then the issue of money comes up.

I know I’m most likely just over thinking the overall issue. I’m just not sure what else I can really do at this point at time.

Any tips and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks for listening to my little rant.

Have a beautiful day. Alice.

*ps. My camera charger was MIA, hence I haven’t made any posts. I have found now so more posts to come.


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