Quiet Day Off

Had the day off with my man today. Which was nice since we often don’t get the same days off. We went out for a walk and dinner. It was chilly out however at 5 degrees C. As well as the light flurries we had last night and this morning. Mother nature tends to toss the dice when it comes to the weather in Newfoundland. Spent a few hours reading (Currently reading ‘Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base’) and now I am about to organize my craft desk so I can actually fit my sewing machine on it. I feel less inclined to use it when it’s covered on the floor.

I will also be preparing a haul post afterwards to post later tonight. It’s already 10:00pm. This day flew by.

The past month or so I have been trying to rediscover things I loved and doing them. It is amazing how much you drift away from small, simple things that you enjoy. I started lighting candles and incense again. I adore incense and haven’t burned it in forever. Having baths, reading and even chatting in random internet chat rooms. Small things that I feel are helping me relax. Since I tend to be so anxiety ridden all the time.

Today I even made my first duct tape wallet out of random Hello Kitty duct tape my boyfriend got me. I was pretty pleased with myself. Even if it wasn’t very hard. 🙂

Also in a few weeks I will be getting a new kitten play mate for my cat Odin. His so lonely and needs a friend.

I will try my best to make my summer enjoyable and fun. 😀

Have a beautiful day. Alice.


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