Random Goodie – ‘Flirt’ Nail art Stamping Disks

Long time no post. It has been a busy, busy time for me at work. I just keep holding out for my holidays in July. I can’t wait.

So went to Wal-Mart this evening. Walking and looking. I went to the cosmetic section to get some false tips to do nail designs on. They didn’t have any. So I looked to see if they had some cute stickers for nails. However I got distracted. By nail stamp plates. I got so excited I won’t lie. They cost about $4.95CAN for two plates.

I thought to myself. Even if they weren’t as good as Konad. Five bucks is not a big deal. So I grabbed and ran.

These disks are sold by the Fing’rs brand. (www.fingrs.com) Under the ‘Flirt’ label. I went over the website and right now all they have are these two plates and a plate that comes with the starter kit that has a stamp and scraper. I didn’t get the starter kit. Mostly because I didn’t have the extra money at the time.

Both disks have some cute designs. Mostly flowery items and a butterfly. It also has a full nail design and a smaller version of the full nail design for smaller nails. Which I really like, except for the fact the full nail design just barely fits my index finger. Which isn’t even very long at the moment. So it will not fit my thumb that’s for sure.

I will say that a lot of the flowers are very large anyway. The center flower on plate B65 covered my whole middle finger.

The plates themselves feel like Konad plates for the most part. Except one thing I DO not like about the plate. There is no backing. It’s just the metal plate. So the edges are a little bit sharp. So I would possibly suggest sanding down the sides a little perhaps. Maybe more so if you were going to give these to younger children

It was so smooth and shiny my camera wouldn’t focus. lol

Have a beautiful day. Alice.



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