Beauty Overview: High Definition 10 Color Palette

High Definition 10 Color Palette

Product Description

  • With our 10 color Eyeshadow Palette, you can have a Vivid, High Definition eye look everyday. This compact is small enough to take with you but big enough to hold 10 high payoff shades.

I found these palettes at my local Buck or Two Dollar Store. I will admit I got pulled in by the cute packaging and bright colors. There were lots of choose from but I settled on two. I didn’t want to buy all of them and en up not enjoying the product.

I got the green/blue palette in ‘Vivacious’ and the rainbow/brown palette in ‘Prism’.

Each palette has ten shadows with a total net weight of 0.39 oz/11 g of product. The palettes sell for $7.00us each on the L.A. Girl website ( I got them for $6.00can at the store.

These shadows have a shimmer texture but not glittery. Some colors are a little sheer while others are very bright. The swatches I have to show you are a dry application. However let me say now. I use a little bit of mixing medium and the color was very opaque! I was very surprised. However I haven’t seen anywhere that states that these can be used wet. So I’m going to test on my palettes and if it doesn’t ruin them I will make another post with  swatches of a wet application.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments.

Have a beautiful day. Alice.


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