No Voice, Sad Times.

This week has been awful! I’ve had a sore throat and no voice for almost a week. I’m so drained and fatigued. I’ve taken so much medication and home remedies. I want to go to the doctor but my MCP is expired and I have to wait til Monday to renew it.

I haven’t had a fever, so I’m trying not to worry too much.

It’s even harder when I still have to work. People have no consideration, I could have screwed you over and never came to work all week. However I dragged my butt here and strain my throat and mind. This is my first day off all week and I won’t get another one for five days.

I just hope I can get my MCP with no issues and go to the hospital and not be there more then twelve hours.

My biggest downfall this week sadly. Not wearing makeup, perfume or going out. Just stretch pants and cough drops. On the plus, lots of Popsicles. Mmm.

The weather here has been beautiful to boot, which is not too common this time of year around here. I think I may go for a walk later this evening. Get some sun and air.

Have a beautiful day. Alice.


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