Weight Loss and Change

I’ve been stuck at my current weight for a long time. Eating disorders, depression, anxiety, lack of time, laziness. Many things and more have affected my weight and health. In the end, all these things are my doing. Whether it was out of my control or not. So here I am again. Trying again. It is very possible I could fail again. However I’ll have to be successful sooner or later. So I’ll keep trying.

Current Weight: 225 pounds

Current Goal Weight: 180 pounds

Final Goal Weight: 140 pounds


This time I am setting incentives, in that I can’t buy certain things I want until I hit a certain weight.


210: New heels

200: New perfume

190: GHD hair straightener

180: New jeans (because I’ll need them :p)

When it comes to the exercising. I have to walk to or from work on nice days. (45 minute walk) I have to do half hours of cardio in the morning and at night. Strength training for a half hour three nights a week.

Anyone with tip, recipes, workouts, anything that will help. Will be greatly appreciated.


Have a beautiful day. Alice.


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